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DYS welcomes families to facilities, reduces pandemic restrictions

Due to declining COVID-19 infection and transmission rates, the Ohio Department of Youth Services is relaxing some of the pandemic-related restrictions for youth visits at our Circleville, Cuyahoga Hills, and Indian River campuses.

Beginning Monday, March 21, 2022, we are permitting visitors under the age of 18, restrictions on contact with youth no longer apply, and there’s no longer a limit of two visits per youth per month.

“We are grateful the hard work of all Ohioans to defeat COVID-19 is paying off,” said DYS Director Amy L. Ast. “Frequent in-person visits between youth and their families are essential to a youth’s wellbeing and their path toward a healthy, productive life. We look forward to having families on our campuses again, where they can hug their children and truly partner with us as we transform young lives.”

Director Ast added that while the pandemic is weakening, it remains a threat to our health and safety. We must remain vigilant and continue many of the safety precautions we implemented after its onset in early 2020. This includes mandatory masking and rapid COVID-19 tests for all visitors when they arrive to our campuses. Approved visitors aged 15 and over can self-administer the test; parents and guardians must administer the test to children 2 to 14.

Visits still need to be scheduled, and cohorting remains in place. To schedule, contact:




Circleville JCF



Cuyahoga Hills JCF



Indian River JCF



“We believe that with the appropriate safety measures in place, we can provide a safe visitation experience for all,” said Director Ast. “We deeply appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation over the last two years as we worked diligently to protect our youth and staff from COVID-19.”