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Community Engagement & Reentry

The Division of Community Engagement and Reentry is responsible for supporting the reentry planning process. DYS releases hundreds of youth back into the community each year. On average, youth spend 17.2 months in a facility. During this time, it is critical that youth, staff, family members, and community partners work together in an integrated manner to support a youth’s treatment plan and to help the youth succeed in achieving the goals of the plan.

Reentry is the philosophy of preparing and planning for youth to return to their homes and community. The approach is comprehensive and begins when a youth first arrives at DYS, focusing on establishing a continuity of care that will transition into the community so that youth can reintegrate safely and successfully.

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Community Service

Our Community Engagement Liaison oversees and coordinates community service opportunities for youth in facilities and on parole. DYS provides youth with productive and meaningful opportunities to give back to schools, churches, government agencies, charitable and non-profit organizations. Community service is an integral part of teaching youth personal accountability while building competencies. It also allows youth the opportunity to learn more about community resources.

If you are interested in learning more about having your nonprofit organization, school, church, or government agency benefit from community service by our youth, please contact Ryan Heimberger, Community Engagement Liaison, at 614-406-7715 or by email at Ryan.Heimberger@DYS.Ohio.Gov.

Continuing to provide support, services, and supervision for youth leaving DYS is important for public safety and for promoting ongoing, positive youth development.

Appropriate reentry planning helps arrange the services and supports that returning youth need, such as identification, stable housing, continued education, employment and/or vocational training, health insurance coverage, and continued mental health and/or substance use treatment.

Bureaus or Subdivisions

  • Community Engagement
  • Community Service
  • Reentry Services
  • Volunteer Services

Staff Contacts

Kysten Palmore, Deputy Director


Tel: (614) 466-9318

Fax: (614) 644-9621

Ryan Heimberger, Community Engagement Liaison

Tel: (614) 406-7725

Email: Ryan.Heimberger@dys.ohio.gov

Jennifer Boswell, Reentry Administrator

Tel: (330) 414-0209

Email: Jennifer.Boswell@dys.ohio.gov

Larry Simpson, Reentry Administrator

Tel: (614) 315-8232

Email: Larry.Simpson@dys.ohio.gov

Curtis Kemp, Administrator Volunteer & Religious Services

Tel: (614) 965-4077

Email: Curtis.Kemp@dys.ohio.gov