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Human Resources

The Division of Human Resources directs and manages all personnel, labor relations, equal employment opportunity, and training activities for the agency. The division ensures that the agency is in compliance with laws and regulations. As an agency, we strive to attract, motivate, and retain a diverse and qualified workforce. 



The Bureau of Personnel performs a variety of functions that meets the needs of staff, providing guidance to employees on employment related matters at DYS. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a professional customer service experience from our team.   

Experienced human resource staff assist employees in the following areas: 

  • Payroll Administration
  • Benefits Administration
  • Off Work Assistance, such as FMLA and Disability Leave
  • Staffing, Recruitment and Performance Management
  • Retirement

Contact Information:

Leah Dahlen  

Off Work Manager

Email: Leah.Dahlen@dys.ohio.gov

Fax: 614 728-8000 

Lisa Winland

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Email: Lisa.Winland@dys.ohio.gov

Fax: 614.728.8000


Labor Relations

In partnership with DYS management, Labor Relations is responsible for directing and enforcing all policies, as well as administering the various collective bargaining agreements.

Contact Information: 

Bradley Nielsen, Labor Relations Officer 3
Office: (614) 644-9620
Mobile: (614) 965-0730
Email:  Brad.Nielsen@dys.ohio.gov


DYS recognizes that diversity in the workforce is a source of strength, vital to its ability to effectively represent and serve the State of Ohio's increasingly diverse population. We are committed to actively promoting a greater diverse workforce at all levels of the agency.

Contact Information: 

Lucille Twitty, Human Resource Manager
Office: (614) 644-6154
Mobile: (614) 817-2492
Email:  Lucille.Twitty@dys.ohio.gov  


Training Academy

Training and staff development affect the quality of services provided in the field of corrections. Both are central to job performance and employee retention. In addition, litigation involving the performance of correctional staff often results in the scrutiny of the training provided to them. Hence, it is critical that our staff and our juvenile justice partners have access to a training academy that is innovative and responsive to the evolving needs of the juvenile corrections profession.

The Ohio Department of Youth Services Training Academy continually strives to be a leader in direct and interactive instruction. We are committed to providing training opportunities that are progressive and aligned with best practices. Our courses are developed by a diverse group of subject matter experts and our practices have earned accreditation from the American Correctional Association. Please register for a course hosted at our Academy or contact us to learn more about regional training opportunities. We look forward to learning with you!

Mission Statement

The mission of the DYS Training Academy is to develop and deliver quality training to meet the evolving needs of DYS staff and community partners.

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Contact Information:

Michael Garrett, Director
PO Box 240
11781 State Route 762
Orient, Ohio 43146

Tel: (614) 877-7100

Fax: (614) 877-4063