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About DYS

The Ohio Department of Youth Services (DYS) is the juvenile corrections system for the state of Ohio. DYS is statutorily mandated to confine felony offenders, ages 10 to 21, who have been adjudicated and committed by one of Ohio’s 88 county juvenile courts. During their stay with DYS, youth are engaged in programming that is designed to address their criminological and behavioral needs. Each of the DYS facilities also operates a year-round school that offers general curriculum as well as vocation opportunities.

DYS reaches thousands of youth in Ohio. Beyond youth in facilities and those on parole, DYS funds and supports 625 community programs throughout the state offering more than 93,000 youth (based on annual program admissions) opportunities and services to encourage positive change. These range from prevention and diversion programs to residential treatment and community treatment in areas such as mental health, sex offending and substance abuse.

General Information

The map below depicts DYS facilities and offices, as well as community facilities, programs and initiatives in partnership with Ohio's counties. While all counties receive dollars from the Department through the Subsidy Grant (RECLAIM Ohio and/or the Youth Services Grant), this map identifies the locations of facilities and the more focused community-based initiatives.

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