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Buckeye United School District

Buckeye United Schools

Indian River High School

Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility

Tel: (330) 837-4211

Staff Contacts

Luther E. Ball High School

Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility

Tel: (216) 464-8200

Staff Contacts

Ralph C. Starkey High School

Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility

Tel: (740) 477-2500

Staff Contacts

Central Office Staff

General Information:
Tel: (614) 466-0720

Terry A. Tibbals, Deputy Director of Facility Support
Tel: (614) 728-4921

Christine M. Kohler, Interim Superintendent, Career Tech Director /Apprenticeship Programs Administrator/Post-Secondary Administrator/Tuition Reimbursement
Cell Phone: (614) 357-1119  Email:  christine.kohler@dys.ohio.gov

Tanae Leonard, Records Administrator
Cell Phone: (614) 981-3550  Email: tanae.leonard@dys.ohio.gov 

Dana E. Hollis, Special Education/Exceptional Youth and Testing Administrator/ Student Records/Title I/OEDS
Cell Phone: (614) 202-1915  Email: dana.hollis@dys.ohio.gov

Gene A. Smith, Teaching & Learning
Cell Phone: (614) 981-2476 Email: gene.smith@dys.ohio.gov