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County Commitments to DYS

Any juvenile court personnel seeking to commit a youth to the Ohio Department of Youth Services (DYS) should follow these steps.

Step: 1 Call-In Process

Call (614) 728-7093 or email callindys@dys.ohio.gov. If preferred, juvenile court personnel can complete the County Call-In Form and email to callindys@dys.ohio.gov or fax to (614) 728-4680.

DYS is committed to the wellbeing of our staff and youth housed within our facilities and has instituted the following COVID Protocols:

  • COVID testing shall be completed no sooner than seven days prior to a youth’s arrival.
    • A rapid test is acceptable. However, DYS requires additional information to include 1) a photograph of the result with the youth's name and date of test on the test and 2) a note from the medical professional who conducted the test and interpreted the result.
  • The COVID-19 Screening Form (available for download on this webpage) should be
    • Completed no sooner than 24 hours of the youth’s scheduled arrival to DYS and forwarded via email to the Bureau of Records & Sentence Computation (BRSC) dysbrsc@dys.ohio.gov

BRSC staff will work directly with county staff should additional information be required.         

Step 2: Obtaining an Ohio ID Number

The Ohio ID (OH|ID) provides users with a secure and private experience with the State of Ohio Electronic Disposition Investigation Report (eDIR) program. Thus, an OH|ID must be established prior to accessing the eDIR system.

To create your OH|ID, go to this website: https://ohid.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/ohid. In the banner, click the button that says Create OH|ID Account.

After you have created your OH|ID and been assigned your 8-digit number, please email DYS Bureau of Records & Sentence Computation (BRSC) (dysbrsc@dys.ohio.gov) the following information:

  • Court county name;
  • Your name;
  • Your 8-digit OH|ID number; 
  • Your role for creating eDIRs (drafter, approver, or both)*

Click here to access the guide on How to Obtain an eDIR Account for additional information. 

*The county must identify a Drafter (creator of the document) and Approver (reviewer of the document for accuracy and submits to DYS). The county is not limited to how many Drafters or Approvers they identify but all selected staff will be required to create an individual OH|ID account. 

Step 3: Accessing, Creating, and Distributing the eDIR

After the youth has been called-in  (Step 1) and a youth number has been established, the county can begin the process of creating the youth’s eDIR.

The eDIR is an electronic document completed by county personnel that includes background information related to a youth’s DYS commitment.  This document becomes part of the official electronic youth file.

This step-by-step guide, eDIR User Reference Guide, details how to gain access to the eDIR System, creating the eDIR document, and distributing the completed eDIR document to DYS. 

Step 4: County Commitment Checklist

County commitments of youth to DYS require juvenile court personnel to complete the DYS Commitment Package Checklist (below) along with submitting all required documentation as listed in the checklist. If at all possible, please provide the youth’s journal entry prior to the youth being transported to intake at DYS (email to callindys@dys.ohio.gov or fax to (614) 728-4680). When the youth is transported to intake at DYS, please provide a packet of the items required by the Commitment Package Checklist.

Intake for Male Youth

As indicated by the map, male youth from the southern half of the state are received at Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility while male youth from the northern half of the state are received at Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility. Please refer to the County Call-In Form for guidance on this process. A staff person from the Bureau of Records and Sentence Computation will contact the juvenile court personnel regarding next steps.

Intake for Female Youth

All female youth are received by the Montgomery County Center for Adolescent Services. Please refer to the County Call-In Form for guidance on this process. A staff person from the Bureau of Records and Sentence Computation will contact the juvenile court personnel regarding next steps.

Should the admitting county need to contact a member of CAS for any post placement needs (i.e. court hearings-Zoom or physical transport), please do so by one of the following:

What Happens Next?

During the first 3 days of a youth’s stay, the youth’s medical, dental, psychological, educational, legal, social and criminological needs will be assessed. DYS will use this information to develop a comprehensive intervention and reentry plan that will guide decisions about facility placement and programming.

For any questions regarding this process, please contact the DYS Bureau of Records and Sentence Computation at (614) 728-7093.