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Youth Telephone & Commissary

*Telephone calls are subject to recording.

If an individual wishes to deposit money on behalf of a youth, he/she may do so by using the services offered through ConnectNetwork. Please visit the webpage for ConnectNetwork/Global Tel Link services here.

What is ConnectNetwork?

ConnectNetwork is an authorized deposit and account management portal of Global Tel Link. With several different deposit methods available, ConnectNetwork is the quickest and most convenient option to fund your loved ones account. Purchasing money orders, mailing deposits and waiting several business days for the funds to post are now eliminated with ConnectNetwork.

AdvancePay® Prepaid Telephone Accounts

To accept calls from a youth at DYS, we recommend you create an AdvancePay® prepaid telephone account. Prepaid calling works by placing money on your phone number so that when your youth calls you, the funds are deducted from the balance on your prepaid account.

To set up or fund a prepaid account, you have three options:

  • Kiosk - There is a ConnectNetwork Kiosk in the lobby of each DYS facility, which allows you to create a prepaid telephone account when you make your first deposit. Once your account has been created, additional deposits may be made using the kiosk to replenish the funds in your AdvancePay® Prepaid Telephone Account.
  • Phone - Call (800) 483-8314 to create or add funds to an AdvancePay® prepaid telephone account.
  • Web - Visit web.ConnectNetwork.com to create a prepaid telephone account, add funds to prepaid telephone accounts, view balances, and more.

Commissary Payment

The ConnectNetwork service can accept payments to a youth's commissary account at DYS. Any funds deposited to youth's account become the property of that youth.

To fund a commissary account, you have three options:

  • Kiosk - Funds may be deposited into a youth's account using the ConnectNetwork kiosk located in the lobby of each DYS facility.
  • Phone - Call (888) 988-4768 to add funds to a youth’s commissary or trust account using this automated telephone system. The system is available 24 hours a day.
  • Web - Visit web.ConnectNetwork.com to add funds to a youth's account quickly and conveniently.

The system requires you to have the following information when making a deposit using the automated telephone system:

  • Youth ID or Youth Name (full name with correct spelling) and date of birth (month, day, year)
  • Facility ID/Site ID: 102

Please be sure to carefully listen to all of the prompts on the system, including the confirmation prompts, to ensure that you are depositing the funds onto the account for the proper youth.


* Telephone calls are subject to recording.

In order to continue to boost the safety and security for all youth and staff at our facilities, all telephone calls made by youth are recorded. This step provides a way to prevent misconduct and expand available information when investigations are necessary. Recorded conversations are only accessed by the Director or designee, Superintendent, the Facility Investigator, a Chief Inspector’s Office Investigator or Connect Network Global Tel (GTL) Analyst, by request of the Chief Inspector’s Office, when some kind of safety concerned is raised.

It’s important to note that DYS has a process for youth to report any allegations of sexual misconduct and to receive access to outside confidential support services. Any calls to outside confidential support providers are not be recorded. In addition, all youth have the right to confidential (unrecorded and unmonitored) communications with their attorneys.